Current Crises in the United States

  • Many individuals and families are living a stressful and ineffective life.
  • Counseling is out of reach financially for many.
  • Insurance companies delay or deny services.
  • Providers are left unpaid or underpaid for services.
  • Individuals and Providers are left unsupported, alone, and in despair.
  • Individuals and families are giving up on counseling.
  • Providers are leaving the industry.
  • Negativity, suffering, and violence is on the rise.

Don’t Give Up…Act Now!!!

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  • Membership Based
  • Funding Resource for counseling
  • Provider development, tools, and CEUs



  • Membership based
  • Funding Resource for counseling
  • Online Videos to learn effective life skills

Support Services


  • Network of Donors
  • Daisy Acres: Canine Sanctuary & Training Center
  • Legacy Angels: Family Support Services