Become Effective
Feel Better
Help Lift Others

Counseling Membership: Legacy provides funding for counseling to improve effectiveness:

  • Level I Counseling – Not functioning effectively in life, relationship, work, or school. No history of psychiatric diagnosis or stabilized on medication, no suicidal or violent thoughts, minimal aberrant behaviors, no criminal history in the past 2 years.
  • Level II Counseling – Difficulty adjusting to both normal and abnormal life stressors PLUS a psychiatric  diagnosis and not functioning effectively in life, relationship, work, or school.  May be having suicidal or violent thoughts without plan or action, aberrant thoughts with minimal behaviors, and no criminal history in the past year.

This covers the vast majority of people in the United States with a goal of catching problems BEFORE they occur or prevent relapse. This is a membership based program for counseling no more than one time weekly with a provider who is YOUR PARTNER in the Legacy Network.  The cost for annual membership is $50 per year per person. 

If you are having thoughts of harm to self or others and contemplating carrying this out, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

  1. Problem solve challenges inherent to life
  2. Use appropriate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors consistently
  3. Become authentic, effective and productive people


  1. The Daisyville story seeks to create parallel, identification, and exchange between Daisy and viewer.
  2. Improve basic life skills.
  3. Improve morals, values, ethics.