The Legacy Institute is a 501c(3) organization based in Phoenix, AZ who seeks to:
  • Create a network of donors, grant resources, and collaborative partners to achieve a more effective mental health system at no cost or low cost to the end user.
  • Provide nationwide funding for counseling services at low cost or no cost to resolve problems BEFORE they result in suffering.
  • Create a collaborative partnership between individuals and providers within the Legacy Network.
  • Advocate for both providers and individuals by lobbying insurance companies for improved supplemental support.
  • Reduce the burden on insurance companies through a collaborative partnership.
  • Provide free CEUs, tools, and downloads  for providers within the Legacy Network.
  • Provide online videos for every motivated individual and group to learn effective life skills through the “Stumblegum” and “Daisyville” channels.
  • Provide support services such as a canine sanctuary & training for animal parents, canine assisted therapy, and training for caregivers.
  • Develop volunteer network for effective support services to families and the elderly.
Our Mission

The Legacy Institute is committed to enhancing the lives of all individuals and groups who are motivated to maximize effectiveness.