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Professional Membership: Must be a Master’s or Doctoral level mental health provider who is licensed by your appropriate state licensing board with no history of challenges to your license. 

Legacy provides funding for counseling
  • Level I Counseling – Not functioning effectively in life, relationship, work, or school. No history of psychiatric diagnosis or stabilized on medication, no suicidal or violent thoughts, minimal aberrant behaviors, no criminal history in the past 2 years.
  • Level II Counseling – Difficulty adjusting to both normal and abnormal life stressors PLUS a psychiatric diagnosis and not functioning effectively in life, relationship, work, or school.  May be having suicidal or violent thoughts without plan or action, aberrant thoughts with minimal behaviors, and no criminal history in the past year.
  • Frequency – No more than once weekly per membership year. Client must be motivated and continue to demonstrate improvement to qualify.
  • Amount Reimbursed – $100 per counseling session for membership individuals. A counseling session is considered 45 minutes or more of face-to-face time with client and the provider is responsible for record keeping in compliance with state law and code of ethics. Provider must comply with all state laws and professional code of ethics regarding the quality of services provided. May not be utilized “in addition to” insurance or co-pay. Reimbursed within 30 days from complete paperwork submission.
  • Professional Development – Legacy provides access to many CEUs, downloads, and tools to help you in your counseling practice. We are developing more continually. We are approved by the following organizations to provide continuing education to help you maintain professional effectiveness and licensure.
  • APA    Blah     Blah    Blah  (logos here for approved organizations)
  • Professional Consultation and Mentoring – Legacy will provide mentoring and consultation services with a licensed professional. This service does not replace or count toward supervision hours.
  • Cost of Membership – $250 per year

Tools and Downloads

Continuing Education

Free to view. Must be a professional member to receive CEU credit.